Ted’s Woodworking Review & Scam Alert Plus Our Recommended Plans for 2020: Be Careful Guys

If you’re the DIY type like me, you try to find every chance to use your hands to create things. It’s a piece of pleasure for me to view my hand made artwork.

Woodworking is one of these particular hobbies which combines craftsmanship with artwork. I enjoy figuring out new projects to take to test and improve my skills on wood stuff.

I enjoy flipping pages of magazines showing designs of wood furniture, like garden benches, or even a cute small table and materials; plus it feels great thinking that I would have the ability to produce exactly the same or even something greater.

Nevertheless, you’d have the ability to assume I no doubt adore spending my time on woodworking jobs.

More about this in a little…

But because of work and time limitations, I could not manage to do a lot of my own research for woodworking plans for some time due to that.

That’s the reason I always look online for links on books/guides which are simple to follow step by step and extend the complete plan when I have a project in mind.

I am aware I have to cover it given that I am going to have the ability to achieve what I want with lesser building blocks and puzzles to solve.

When I saw and read posts about the so called package completed from Ted’s woodworking plans boasting a list of 16,000 resources, I was excited. This is going to be helpful for certain!” And I was then sure that I had been on the right place at the moment.

Here’s what happened next:

I bought the package on the fly before thinking much. It sounded amazing, and for its cost, it’s a steal! (Well, it appeared to be.)

After obtaining the book, I set out to go through the entire thing. I was also thinking perhaps I will find well defined ideas, not exact with what’s in my mind and somehow some PDF downloadables and hyperlinks for project diversity will probably be there.

It indeed had tens of thousands of programs inside the bundle with detailed and massive collection of woodworking videos and projects to improve. Nonetheless, it’s nowhere close 16,000 programs as advertised contained in the package.

I watched a few woodworking videos and anyone can say it isn’t a video that was correctly produced or not even of quality that’s at least acceptable.

I even remembered seeing some of the plans elsewhere…

I thought to myself,”He could not sell other people’s work, could he?” It is not legal even on digital media.

This was when I decided to dig deeper to find out exactly what was happening.

Ted’s Woodworking Review – Find Out The Real Truth

The truth was shocking. To lose light and know the truth, read on…

I came across this review in which the blog’s owner (another woodworker himself) revealed that all of the plans and projects assemble in Teds Woodworking plans bundle were all already publicly available and free to use.

Each of the videos have been also taken from public sources like or even

Further research revealed that most of his so-called”original woodworking plans” were stolen from the website: & Simply go there and you’ll quickly get into a page where you’ll see what I am discussing.

Stealing other people’s work is indeed terrible.

The worse thing is that it sounds his product was still pretty incredibly popular and so many people promote his website a lot. I am thinking he should still be creating earnings even following the buyers apologize and report.

Are those individuals getting affiliate commission ? How can he manage to slide through all cracks and fool so many men and women? That is copyright infringement in broad daylight, if I could say so.

The address, contact number, email address were bogus.

Ted “Woody” Mcgrath
219 Tama Street
Slater, IA 50244
United States

This address never actually existed!

Checkout this site, too:

I felt like a fool, falling for such hype and a mashed up merchandise.

Well, at least I received my cash.

And luckily, you can also:

Ted’s Woodworking Rip Off – How To Get Your Money Back

If you bought this crummy product, you can get everything you paid for and have your cash back up to the last penny spent on it, 100%.

Don’t even bother to contact Ted or his client support because they won’t entertain your petition. Do not even expect them to at least reply. It isn’t likely to be worth your effort; it’s just going to be a complete disappointment and frustration for you.

I went into the source, the payment gateway that manages Ted’s trade, Clickbank to undo the payment based on the policy .

Here Is What you do to get refunded:

  • Visit
  • Input your order information and click Publish
  • Click on”Click here” for hold on the upper left corner
  • Select”More Options” and compose your petition
  • Typically, Clickbank will make it possible for a refund. It may take you a month or two, but patience is a virtue, so… why not?

Teds Woodworking Plans – The Verdict

Understanding that Teds Woodworking Plans is a total scam, I immediately gave up the idea of trying some of his”too good to be true” plans.

It’s up to you .

Do you need to buy and use a look-up copyrighted woodworking plans bundle?

The lesson learned here is, do your due diligence when buying a product. Read on to people’s reviews and learn about the business as far as possible.

Otherwise, you could possibly fall for this type of scam, just like I did.

Our #1 Choice Program

Ok, so now you understand why you need to avoid purchasing scammy products – but which woodworking programs are LEGIT?

To reverse my mistake above, I went to a mission to search for a LEGIT product I could eventually trust and feel great using.

Here is the deal:

I scoured the net in locating the last woodworking designs I’d ever require.

It was not entertaining, but it seems like it’s SO MUCH better being on the other hand…

And fortunately, if you’re reading this you don’t need to look any further than the Woodworker’s Treasure Chest.

The moment I logged into the member’s place it blew me away–in a fantastic way, unlike with Teds Woodworking plans of woodworking scam (Well, that seems more appropriate, isn’t it?) …

And though it’s generally priced at $197, you can get Woodworker’s Treasure Chest with the special offer of only $27 (and no monthly fees!) .

It’s truly a treasure trove of information… It’s certainly going to boost your expertise if you (sadly) got scammed by Ted’s.

Do not take a chance on a subpar merchandise like Teds Woodworking plans, and adhere with a legit plan you can trust.

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